St. Elizabeth Presents
KofC 2022 Mouse Races
Hosted By
The Knights
WHEN: May 21st, 2022. 6:30pm doors open, 7pm food served, 7:30pm races, 10pm after party at a bar.
WHERE: St. Elizabeth parking lot (or in basement due to weather)

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General Admission (Single)
  • $30
  • Includes 2 drink and 1 food tickets
Attendance Purchase Options
Purchaser's Name
General Admission (Couple)
  • $50
  • Includes 4 drink and 2 food tickets
  • $500
  • 10 spots/seats at a reserved table
  • Access to the VIP lounge
  • 20 drink and 10 food tickets
  • 2 parking spots
  • 1 bottle of alcohol
Race Sponsorship
  • Mouse Sponsorship: $25
    • Naming rights
    • If it is the championship mouse, then received 1/6th of pot ($150 guaranteed)
  • Mouse Name
    Purchaser's Name
    Race Sponsorship
    • Heat Race Sponsorship (of 6 heat races): $250
    • Championship Race Sponsorship: $500 Sold!
    Race Sponsorship
    Purchaser's Name
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